What is Mutata?

Are you an agency that rewrites Swift code to run on Android?

No, Mutata is an automated service/framework that directly compiles your Swift code for Android devices. There is no rewrite or generation of Kotlin/Java/Typescript code.

Do you generate Javascript or Kotlin code from Swift?

No, Mutata doesn’t generate any code. It directly compiles the Swift code for Android devices and uses the JNI (Java Native Interface) to access native Android frameworks.

Are you going to also support Web?

Yes, we are already looking into ways of running Swift code on web servers and generating HTML/JS code from the UIKit framework.

Can I run my Android-coded applications on iOS?

No, Mutata doesn’t support the run of Java/Kotlin Android applications on iOS devices at the moment.


How much time do I need to invest in order to start using Mutata?

The first time you will only need to create a Package.swift that defines the Swift sources, .xib files, and the Swift Packages. This preparation usually takes less than a day and we can help you with that. In the future, there will be automated setup scripts. After you’ve completed this step, you’re good to go using Mutata and start releasing your .apks and App Bundles.

Do you support Interface Builder files (.xibs/.storyboards)?

Yes, Mutata will read and load your @IBOutlet components, @IBActions and constraints, from the Interface Builder (.xib) and Storyboard files, precisely as iOS.

Do I need to know Android development to use Mutata?

No, there is no need to have experience in Android development to use Mutata.

Which Android versions/devices are supported?

The applications are compiled and can run on every Android device (arm/arm64) with API Version 21 (Lollipop) or greater.

Features & Plugins

Can I request custom plugins, Cocoapods, and Swift packages?

Sure! Mutata currently supports lots of open-source CocoaPods and Swift packages, and we are expanding the list on a daily basis, based on user requests.

What If I need a feature not available in iOS?

We can import the needed Android classes, and Mutata will generate Mock Swift classes from your Kotlin/Java code, which you can call directly from your Swift code. Using Java Native Interface, Swift will call your Android code directly.

Can I have separate implementations, texts and design for my iOS and Android application?

Sure you can! You can execute different code or have additional text/images based on the OS. Using the ‘#if ANDROID’ compiler directive in your Swift code, you can compile different code for each platform.

Are you using native Android components?

Yes, we are! Mutata primarily uses the native Android Views and plugins to maximize compatibility and performance. In addition, native Android popups and integrations are used when needed, making the UX/UI feel similar to applications built using Kotlin/Java.

Are you using any private API of Android? Does it work only on rooted devices?

No, we do not use any private API, so the compiled applications can run on non-rooted devices and be uploaded to Google Play Store, exactly like any other application.

Are there any performance or features limitations?

No, Mutata is based mainly on native Android components and plugins and uses Java Native Interface, so performance is similar to the native Kotlin/Java applications.


Can I run the generated apk on my Android device?

Of course! You can install the generated apk on your device, just like any other apks.

Do you support Android App Bundles (.aab)?

Of course! Except .apk, you can also generate Android App Bundles which can be uploaded directly to Google Play Store Console.

I have already released an application on Google Play Store. Can I replace it using my Swift code to maintain only one codebase?

Yes! You can generate a new version for your application using Mutata and then submit it to Google Play store to update your existing application.

Do I need to re-upload my app when Android OS is updated?

No. Mutata uses native Android classes so, your application will continue working to newer Android OS versions if Android continues supporting the related features.

Can I have Crash and Exceptions Reporting?

Yes! We are using Firebase Crashlytics for crashes and exceptions reporting, which displays the file and line in your Swift code.

Can I run Mutata on my CI/CD?

Yes, you can. Please contact us for further support.


How do I use Mutata credits? Can I redeem my credits on multiple applications?

You use 1 credit every time you release a version of your iOS app to the Google Play Store using Mutata. You can use your credits pack for multiple applications.

Do you offer discounts for Students or Individual developers?

Absolutely! Please get in touch with us with information about your applications.

Do you have any discounts or special pricing?

Yes, you can buy a pack of 10 (+2 Free) credits or contact us for more than 10 credits.

Can I purchase a license for unlimited builds?

Yes, you can. Please contact us for more information.


Can I export my Kodika.io applications to Android with Mutata?

Definitely! You can now release the applications built with Kodika No Code Builder to the Google Play Store.

Who maintains Mutata.io?

Mutata.io is built and maintained by the Kodika.io team.